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Kalaya Tatum is a 23-year-old choreographer and dancer who spends every day fulfilling the highest expression of herself as both a dancer and an artist. Kalaya has training in all forms of dance since the age of three, but now enjoys Hip-Hop and Heels the most. In 2016, she featured in her first music video with a collaborator named Alexis Janae, and then began to work frequently with other artists including Ray Nitti, Inayah Lamis, & B2K and more.

Kalaya now lives in Houston, Texas where she teaches people how to dance through emotion, be vulnerable and light their own fire

LitWitLay was started in 2020 and continues to grow everyday.

Coming from a small town in Wisconsin, Kalaya enjoyed dancing with friends as well as teaching. As she grew older she realized dance had a deeper meaning than just dancing it was vulnerable, emotional and healing. Kalaya enjoyed sharing her expression in dance through others which motivated her to create LitWitLay.


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Upcoming Classes

April 28th, 2023

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Intermediate/ADV Heels


Intermediate/ADV Hip-Hop


Intermediate/ADV Heels

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1:1 Privates with lay

Unlike group dance lessons, which have a face-to-face setting in which your instructor can only focus on one student at a time, private lessons have a setting wherein your instructor has your full attention. This means that what he or she tells you will be specific to your skill level, as opposed to generalizing based on the number of students taking the lesson. This is beneficial since it means that your instructor can personally tailor each lesson to meet your needs.

Small Group Privates with lay

Birthday? Girls night out? looking for something fun to do? Sign up for a group private with 4-6 of your friends. This is benefical if you do better in small group setting or dancing around people you know.

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